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Putri Bali Foundation
Due to the tragedy of Putri losing her life because of lack of funds, inspired a group of people who live in Bali to form this Yayasan.
Putri was two years old and daughter to a Dagang Bakso (a person who sells hot soup from a cart). One day while wheeling his cart on a gravel road on his way to work with Putri walking by his side, the cart swayed and consequently hot boiling soup spilt all over Putri. Putri was severely burnt and admitted into the Burns Unit at Sanglah Hospital. She was being taken care of by Dr. Riasa, however it became a concern to him when he realized the family had insufficient funds to pay for any drugs. Dr. Riasa brought this to the attention of one of his friends and immediately funds were gathered to assist this family, unfortunately poor little Putri passed away.
After this incident it was considered necessary to have funds available for these financially unable burns victims.