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By giving a donation to Yayasan Putri Bali you are helping to save a life.
Our foundation is a non-profit non-government organization and all donations received are put to helping these poor people and improving and maintaining the Burns Unit.
Donations from overseas should be via telegraphic transfer to the following account:-

Please email us with the date and amount of the transfer so we can follow up and check

whether funds have been received. Local donations can be deposited to the account below. Please advise us of the date and amount.

Yayasan Putri Bali
Account No. 033 22.02290-9
Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali
Capem Legian,
Bali, Indonesia.

Please do not send foreign cheques to Bali as they are difficult to deposit. If you are thinking of donating supplies, please contact us beforehand as Customs duties are sometimes higher than the item and also it can be difficult to bring into the country.