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Frequently, emergency cases are being admitted and a high percentage of these cases are accidents that have occurred out in remote villages where the standard of housing is very poor and people suffer financial hardship.
These people generally use kerosene burners for cooking and are unaware of the dangers associated with the handling of kerosene.  

This woman was severely burnt from her stomach to her knees. Whilst she
was cooking she had an epileptic fit, consequently spilling boiling hot water
over herself.

Upon admittance into the Burns Unit and discovering the severity of her condition and the medical costs
associated, knowing she did not have the funds to pay for her treatment, she just wanted to go home and in which case she would not have survived. Fortunately, the yayasan was able to help and she is now able to live a
normal life.

When these victims are admitted into the Burns Unit and realize the severity of their burns and what they need to pay; often they just want to leave and go home and in most cases will not survive.
To be burnt or scalded by boiling water is extremely painful, very strong painkillers and other drugs have to be administered quickly so that the patients condition does not deteriorate.